Software QA & Testing

In this era of computerization, where computers have become an integral part of our lives, producing defect free code has assumed great importance. We often come across applications which often produce incorrect results thereby becoming more of a nuisance rather than an intelligent solution for which the application is aimed.

With our experienced team of professionals, AEON aims to produce defect free code which meets the industry standards of software development in the International Market. The relevant SDLC models are used for benchmarking and producing applications which are later tested by our certified quality testers to ensure their reliability, stability, portability, maintainability and usability.

From verification to validation, we focus on each phase and design aspect of solutions being produced so as to produce the desired results. Our QA and testing team which is adept at handling the various facets of quality assurance including, functionality, load, stress, volume regression testing and performance profiling ensure that we do not fail the client expectations at any stage.